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At Clarity we believe that everyone should be able to access professional mental health support, we do this by offering affordable counselling to adults in North Devon.

Working in a low income area, we are the only charity supporting people in this way, and with your support we can continue to make a lasting difference to people’s mental health and wellbeing.

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The top four reasons clients seek our support are depression, anxiety, stress and relationships; though significant numbers also come to Clarity for suicidal thoughts, historical trauma and bereavement.

Offering up to 15 sessions of counselling we are able to create a collaborative and trusting relationship between the client and the counsellor, which help individuals explore moods and behaviours, provide fresh perspectives, and offer a better understanding of emotions.

We can only provide this support with the generosity of donations from the community, businesses and trusts and grants.

If you would like to support Clarity’s work please visit the Community, Corporate and Trusts and Grants pages to see how you could help.

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A nod to our supporters.

Over the years, Clarity has been supported by the following Trusts & Grants in order to continue allowing us to help the people of North Devon.

If you’re considering joining our supporters, please call us on 01271 267474 or send us an email – we’d love to hear from you!