Our Services

Clarity offers individual 1-2-1 sessions and therapeutic group work for a range of mental health and emotional needs.

We understand that accessing any therapy can feel daunting, and aim to reassure our clients that our dedicated team will support you throughout the process.

Each client is assessed prior to being offered counselling to ensure that we are the right service for you and that we can meet your needs. Once assessed by a senior member of our team, we will look to place you with a counsellor as swiftly as possible.

1-2-1 sessions

1-2-1 counselling is offered to clients who may have specific or very complex concerns. We can offer you 15, 1-2-1 sessions on a weekly basis with a counsellor who has the experience to support your needs.

You can refer yourself to our services via the referral form here.

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1-2-1 counselling sessions

Group sessions

Facilitated by 2 counsellors, group work enables clients to explore common challenges and concerns together. It is a powerful and effective process allowing you to talk to people who share your experience, whilst being fully supported by qualified and experienced therapists.

Members are encouraged to build on their strengths and share what they know and to learn from others. Group sessions provide a safe space for people to feel included, accepted and supported by others who are experiencing similar challenges.

You can refer yourself to one of our groups via the referral form here.

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Group counselling sessions

Our groups:

We plan to launch more groups throughout 2023 and 2024.

Women at counselling

Hear Her

A space for women to explore and gain insights through education and creative interventions.

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Men at group counselling

Hear Him

A space for men to explore and gain insights through education and creative interventions.

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Group counselling for sobriety

Take Back Control

A space for clients who have experienced challenges with sobriety to meet and support each other.

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Community counselling group

Let’s Talk

An informal ‘community’ group offering the opportunity to help reduce loneliness and isolation.

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A nod to our supporters.

Over the years, Clarity has been supported by the following Trusts & Grants in order to continue allowing us to help the people of North Devon.

If you’re considering joining our supporters, please call us on 01271 267474 or send us an email – we’d love to hear from you!